Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), the No. 3 House Republican, argued the amendment “lays out, in a very responsible level of specificity, what is going to be required if we are going to in fact make decisions about troop levels based on conditions on the ground and based on what’s required for our own security, not based on political timelines.”

Under the bus


One sailor on the Roosevelt died but many more would have if Crozier had not put his career on the line by speaking up. The same cannot be said of those military and civilian leaders above him who did not step up and continue to throw Crozier under the bus rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

Brett Crozier is not reinstated


“Everyone up and down the chain of command had a role to play in the inadequate response – including then-Acting Secretary of the Navy [Thomas] Modly,” Smith said of the former Navy official who fired Crozier before stepping down himself. “The department’s civilian leadership portrayed Capt. Crozier’s decision-making aboard the Roosevelt as the critical weakness in the Navy’s response, but the truth is that civilian leadership was also to blame.”

Military leadership


Capt. Crozier, who contracted the virus himself, placed the well-being of his crew above his Navy career and forced a politically sensitive Navy bureaucracy to act. Civilian authorities had the right to relieve Capt. Crozier of command without any formal inquiry. The acting secretary of the Navy stated that he had “lost confidence” in the captain; however, it was clear his crew had not.